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Monthly Archives: December 2017

Put a Healthy Spin on Your Favorite Holiday Foods

One of the joys of the holidays is feasting on the traditional foods that are so lovingly prepared.  Unfortunately, “lovingly” is a code word for butter and fat in some households.  For many, staying healthy means tweaking grandma’s recipe to retain the flavor, but reduce the calories. There’s as many ways to do this as there are dishes.  For example, Latkes for Hanukah, can be made fresh and topped with sour cream, just like they’ve been for hundreds of years.  This year, try making the pancakes with a new twist like sweet potatoes and quinoa.  Christmas desserts like cakes and pies will be just as yummy if a few substitutions like applesauce are made to the recipe.  And those who make the traditional Kwanzaa karamu for New Year’s Day might want to substitute veggies for pork belly in those collard greens and serve Texas Caviar for good luck.  The war on obesity means waging a new battle every day.  From the time you awake, to the last tempting snack you avoid each night, you want to claim victory.  With the New Year on the horizon, getting through one of the tastiest food prep seasons of the year means using everything at your disposal to stick to your weight loss plans.

Shopping smart means saving money on the items you need to satisfy your goal.  One of the best ways to do this is to search Groupon for deals at Sam’s Club.  They stock thousands of items you need and some you don’t but will buy anyway – don’t we all!  When it’s time to feed the crowd, make sure you’re ready by shopping Sam’s Club for the ingredients for those delicious,wholesome, dishes your family can’t do without.   And while you’re there, you’ll find so many great gift ideas, you’ll be relieved to find you can do all your shopping from the same source.  They stock quality name brand items at warehouse prices, and you can use Groupon promo codes to enhance the deals.

If eating healthy, saving time and money are important to you, put a new weapon in your arsenal as you wage your daily battle to eat better, and shop for all the healthy ingredients you need at Sam’s Club this year.